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Technical Capabilities

Below is an overview of the current capability of the single sided printed circuit board production facility:

Raw Materials
Paper Phenolic XPC, FR-1 & FR-2
Paper Epoxy CEM-1
Glass Epoxy CEM-3 & FR-4
Overall Thickness (T) customer

0.4mm - 1.6mm ± 0.13mm ( Depend on specification )

Copper Thickness double Side 1 oz / 2 oz/6oz, Single Side and non-PTH


Flash Gold Thickness Minimum:0.05um
Nickel Thickness Minimum: 3um


Printing Processes
Screen Printing UV / Thermal Curing
Minimum Track Width (W) 0.2mm
Minimum Line Spacing (W) 0.2mm

Pattern Registration

- Copper to Hole
- S/M to Copper
- C/M to Hole (Component Side)


Minimum of Annular Ring D > 0.20mm
Etching ± 0.025 of Original Artwork
S/M clearance from Copper (W) W > 0.10mm for 1oz
> 0.15mm for 2oz


Punching And CNC Process
Outline Dimension

± 0.1mm punching
± 0.05mm CNC

Hole Position Accuracy ± 0.1mm Punching
± 0.05mm CNC
Hole Diameter Accuracy ± 0.1mm Punching
± 0.05mm CNC

Minimum Punching Hole Size

  • Paper Phenolic

  • Paper Epoxy

0.75mm +0.1/-0mm Punching
0.3mm +0.05/-0mm CNC

0.75mm +0.1/-0mm

Minimum Rectangular Slot Size

  • Paper Phenolic

  • Paper Epoxy & Glass Epoxy

A = 1.0mm ± 0.1mm
B = 0.5mm ± 0.1mm Punching
= 0.8mm ± 0.05mm CNC

A = 1.1mm ± 0.1mm
B = 0.9mm ± 0.1mm

Min. Distance Between Two Slots

  • Paper Phenolic
  • Paper Epoxy
  • Glass Epoxy

D = 1.6mm ± 0.1mm Punching

Min. Distance Between Two Holes

  • Paper Phenolic
  • Paper Epoxy
  • Glass Epoxy

D = 0.8mm Punching


Depth Tolerance (T) ± 0.1mm
Displacement of Face & Back (W)
± 0.1mm
V-Cutting Angle
Material Remaining D value is;V-CUT
  • FR-4
  • CEM- 1, CEM- 3
  • Paper Phenolic


Depend on Customer's specification


Surface Finishing
Non-Conductive Flux / ENTEK (EVR-07,Cul01A)
Conductive Nickel / Flash Gold / Hot Air

Protective Coating

  • Peelable Solder Mask
  • Carbon/Silver

pprox. Thickness 0.4mm (Depend on Customer's specification)
e.g. Keypad / Jumper

Ionic Contamination Cleanout

  • 3 ugm /sq inch NACL or equivalent



Specification for carbon
Carbon Pad to Copper Pad X > 0.3mm
Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm) 4.5 x 10-2Ω/cm(30-40Ωcm2)

Carbon Jumper/Silver Jumper

Conductor spacing X > 0.5mm

Conductor width: X > 0.4mm

Carbon Key Pad/Silver Key Pad

Conductor spacing: X > 0.5mm
Conductor width : Y > 0.4mm
Thickness of laminate used for carbon : 1.0mm - 1.6 mm
Distance between PCB' edge to the edge of the carbon/Silver : X > 0.6mm
Distance between carbon/Silver pads: X > 0.5mm
Copper pad to carbon: X > 0.5mm
Capability of double side and multilayer boards

No. Item Description
1 Layers 2--16
2 Laminate CEM-1/CEM-3/FR-4/High Tg/Halogen free/Alumimium base/
Ceramic/Teflon/Roger etc.
3 Flammability UL 94V-0
4 Board thickness 0.40--4.0mm
5 Min. conductor width&spacing 0.076mm
6 Cu thickness on inter layer Max. 3 OZ
7 Finish Cu thickness
on surface
Max. 4 OZ
8 Finish Cu thickness
in hole wall
≥18 μm
9 Max.PNL size 610mmX610mm
10 Min. drill hole diameter 0.20mm
11 Plating aspect ratio ≤8:1
12 Tolerance of hole position ±0.05mm
13 Tolerance of hole diameter PTH±0.076mm; NPTH±0.05mm
14 Solder mask LPI/Thermocuring/UV
15 Color of solder mask Green/red/blue/yellow/balck/white etc.
16 Hardness of solder mask ≥6H
17 Min.opening of soldermask 0.08mm
18 Ability of block hole with SM 0.30mm--0.60mm
19 Outline tolerance Punch:±0.05mm  ;  CNC Routing:±0.10mm
20 Surface finishing ENIG: Ni100~320μ";Au1~4μ"
HAL : 1~40μm
21 V-cut angle 20o; 30o; 45o; 60o
22 Chamfer angle 30o; 45o; 60o
23 E-Test Max. test point:16384
24 Outgoing Standard IPC-A-600H Class2 or refer to customer's requirement


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