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We are offering single layered circuit boards through our own production facility in China for customers in the audio and video industry, home appliance and camera, industrial equipment and power supply, automotive, as well as contract manufacturers.


We are offering two layered and multi-layered circuit boards for our customers through our strategically approved printed circuit boards manufacturers.

With our own UL for double sided and multi-layered circuit boards, we work with a number of strategically approved manufacturers in delivering 100% quality guaranteed printed circuit boards for our customers.

Our own personnel are stationed at the manufacturers' production facilities 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide real time update on a part number by part number basis of our customers' purchase orders status online.

We examine and test 100% of boards at our own facilities before we deliver to our customers. We provide warehousing services for our customers to ensure products are delivered on a just in time basis.

We perform comprehensive quality and environmental audit of our manufacturers on quarterly and annual basis.

We ensure the on time delivery of our customers' orders by actively managing the engineering of our customers' part numbers. In the event one manufacturer is unable to deliver on a timely basis, EPC will immediately switch to another manufacturer to ensure delivery is not interrupted.

In summary, we help our customers manage their RISKS in procuring printed circuit boards.

Procurement Risks How does EPC reduce your risks
Bad product quality

All manufacturing facilities have TS16949 and 14001 and are subject to vigorous
environmental and quality audits at the outset and on an ongoing quarterly and annually.

100% of products are subject to off site testing and quality control before they are shipped to customers.

Product delivery not on time

EPC has personnel on the manufacturing site monitoring the progress of all customers' orders. Order status is available for viewing on a real time basis.

EPC could warehouse products in order to ensure just in time delivery.

EPC has the ability to switch to different qualified manufacturing facilities whenever there is a bottleneck in production in any one of our qualified manufacturing facility

All the production facilities have ISO 14001 and TS16949 certification.


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