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Business Values

Honesty and integrity are the core values of EPC and the key to our sustainable business. We have always insisted on conducting business with integrity, striving to build an honest company culture, and complying with laws and regulations, actively preventing dishonest behavior.

Passion and dedication

We have always embraced the spirit of passionate customer service, treating each customer with care and placing them at the forefront of our business. We listen to every customer's demands, value two-way communication with them, and provide satisfactory and trustworthy products and services by adjusting to their different needs.

Professionalism and innovation

We have a strong team of professionals who, with their years of experience and familiarity with the single-sided printed circuit board manufacturing field, create products that best meet customer requirements. At the same time, we constantly pursue all-round innovation, covering management, technology, manufacturing, and more. We actively introduce advanced technological concepts, implement new ideas, and continuously create value for customers, bringing sustainable growth and business continuity to the company.

Commitment and reliability

EPC adheres to its commitments to customers, viewing them as our partners and striving to meet their expectations. We prioritize customer needs and work hard to establish long-term cooperative relationships, aiming to become a trusted long-term partner for our customers.

Effective execution

In addition to the pursuit of innovation, effective execution is also crucial. In terms of company decisions and plans, our team is united and dedicated to ensuring the success and completion of each step and process in the production workflow. We faithfully fulfill customer requirements and complete their entrusted tasks with 100% accuracy.