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We are EPC Printed Circuit Boards

A premium low-cost PCB manufacturer that fully embraces human, social and environmental responsibilities.

We deliver samples within 24 hours.

About Us

Establishes in Hong Kong in 2007, EPC specialises in manufacturing single-sided PCBs, produces in its own factory in Dongguan, China. We continuously invest in upgrading and automatiing our machines to deliver the most efficient, economic, and sustainable PCBs, without sacrificing quality.
Monthly Production Capacity

Our values

Stable Financial position with substantial financial institutions support in HK and China.
Through continuous upgrade and installation of automated machine, EPC is one of the most efficient single sided PCB factories in China.
Combined with the acquisition of Tai Hong Dongguan factory in May 2020, the turnover is expected to reach US$40 million in 2024 and US$65 million in 2025.

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